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Let The Journey Begin

May 7, 2020

We have another great episode this week as we are accompanied by Josh Feldman. Josh was awarded a Drug and Alcohol Counseling certificate from the University of the Pacific and has co-facilitated Psychodrama groups. He has been in the addiction treatment field for nearly a decade and during that time has worked as a Chemical Dependency Tech, Medication Tech, Business Development Representative, Admissions Director, Counselor and Program Director/COO/Owner of his own sober companion and in-home treatment company.

Josh joined Hilary and Jason right before the COVID-19 quarantine to tell us his story and how he overcame his struggles. Josh explains how discovering marijuana at a young age took him down a dark road very quickly, leading to his first outpatient program at 14 years old. His “moment of clarity” occurred during another outpatient program in which an older gentleman and his experiences served as a visualization as to what Josh’s own life could be, in addition to all the good things that could come of it. Today, after nearly 10 years of sobriety, Josh says that the keys to his success have been his focus on being a good guy on a daily basis and stresses the importance of “remembering the pause” in life.


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