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Let The Journey Begin

Oct 1, 2020

This week, Hilary and Jason are joined by the Red Songbird Foundation Executive Director, Alex Meschi. Alex is what many in recovery would refer to as a “normie,” or one who is not currently in active addiction or recovery. However, even though Alex has not struggled himself with many of the things that individuals involved with the Red Songbird Foundation have, he has certainly had his own fair share of struggles.

Alex grew up with many big-time aspirations, whether it be a firefighter or an astronaut, but he knew early on that being a professional baseball player was his true calling. Alex worked hard to achieve this goal, even getting as far as receiving a scholarship to play at the collegiate level, but an unfortunate academic encounter at this very college forced a change of plans. Throughout his journey, Alex discusses why even though he didn’t obtain the ultimate goal he had always wanted, he still has no regrets for the way in which his life has turned out today. Whether it be finding a new activity that brings you joy, seeing a therapist on the regular, or simply embracing life changes, Alex believes that many of things he’s learned as the Executive Director of the Red Songbird Foundation have helped in his own daily life.


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