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Let The Journey Begin

Oct 8, 2020

On this week’s show, Leonard Bade joins Hilary and Jason on National Sober Day to talk about his own sobriety of 37 years. Like many other alcoholics and addicts, they find at a certain point they are living a double life and Leonard was no different. After completing college, he was a high-ranking executive for a major corporation but was also a struggling alcoholic behind the scenes. It wasn’t until he attended a group alcoholic meeting with a friend that he realized he needed help and that this particular place was where he belonged. Leonard stresses the importance of structure when obtaining sobriety and how staying true to your program makes all the difference. Also, in light of National Sober Day, Leonard and Hilary discuss how they think the perception of addiction has changed over the many years of their own sobriety and that the stigma of seeking treatment isn’t nearly what it was years ago.


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