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Let The Journey Begin

Dec 24, 2020

Ethan Citron sits down with Hilary and Jason this Holiday week to walk us through his journey to sobriety. Originally from New Jersey, Ethan began experimenting with alcohol at just 13 years old and even at such a young age, the drink took hold of him. As he grew older, grades, sports, career…all of that took a back seat to alcohol. Finally, a few, simple, harsh words at the age of 38 served as his “moment of clarity,” causing him to take a one-way flight to California in order to get sober. In Ethan’s case (as many of us have experienced ourselves), tough talk and troubled times can seem horrible at the moment but are ultimately the exact thing we need to hear or go through in order for something to change. Today, Ethan has a relationship with his three children and ex-wife that is better than ever due to his sobriety and he stresses that kindness can go a long way in the world we live in today.

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