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Let The Journey Begin

Feb 11, 2021

This week, we bring on a very special guest, Lacy Nicole! Lacy grew up aspiring to be and later becoming a stylist, fully diving into the world that is fashion and entertainment. However, her life and perspective completely changed when a particularly terrifying experience occurred: she was kidnapped. Lacy describes to Hilary and Jason what happened the night she was abducted with a friend and how a guardian angel was truly looking out for them that night. She goes on to explain that after the incident, she began to develop a slew of health problems that almost made her want to give up completely. Rather than letting all the negatives overcome her, Lacy embraced her circumstances as a chance to uplift and empower women who have endured all sorts of trauma alike. Today, Lacy is an advocate for all things mental health and strives to change the narrative of compartmentalizing one’s true feelings. She hosts her own podcast Shame To Sparkle where she discusses what life is like living with her own trauma and health difficulties and how everyone can still recover from shame after trauma.

Instagram: @lacyoc, @shametosparkle

You can find Lacy’s podcast, Shame To Sparkle, on Apple Podcasts in addition to all major podcast platforms.


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