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Let The Journey Begin

Feb 18, 2021

Jenny Leone joins the show this week as Alex Meschi (Red Songbird Foundation Executive Director) fills in for Hilary alongside Jason. Jenny grew up aspiring to be many things including a veterinarian and later (and more extravagantly) a Vegas showgirl. However, experiencing sexual abuse at a young age led her down a path of drug usage to cope with the trauma. The drug usage only progressed, continuing on for 20 years, causing her career aspirations to take a sharp turn and to a place that she eventually realized was not good or at all normal. Jenny eventually had a son in 2008 and went into treatment soon after. While some find motivation in staying sober through their children or family, Jenny believes that if you are going to truly succeed in sobriety, you have to be doing it for yourself. Today, Jenny finds happiness in helping others struggling by using her own experiences as a guiding light, something she also believes makes a much bigger impact in the world than a life in the entertainment space ever could.

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