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Let The Journey Begin

Feb 25, 2021

Kevin Winbauer is the Chief Swiss Army Knife of Sterile Safe Solutions, an innovative engineering firm that develops full scale environments that highly mitigate risk of COVID and other airborne viruses through Tools, Technology, and Training. Kevin joins Hilary and Jason this week to talk about his recent jump into sobriety.

Kevin grew up playing sports and being the life of the party. Recreational drinking, having a good time on the weekend, and making questionable decisions were the norm for Kevin. However, things began to change when he had children and started to realize he was no longer using alcohol as merely a recreational substance but began to rely on it to cope with the new added pressures of life and being a father. After years of being known as “Party Kev,” he also faced the difficult realization that his drinking, in a way, had become his identity and did his best to hide the fact that he had a problem. It wasn't until his wife and a few others close to him recommended he get help that he realized he needed to make a change. Fairly new into sobriety, Kevin credits his current success with routine and getting vulnerable with those around him. He believes that this vulnerability and truth is the only way real healing can begin.

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