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Let The Journey Begin

Apr 8, 2021

It is a very special episode this week as it officially marks the one-year anniversary of Let The Journey Begin! To properly celebrate, we bring on Rick Hubbard, Executive Vice President of Professional Relations at Origins Behavioral Healthcare to talk about his journey through sobriety. Rick is a bit different from a lot of our guests in that he did not seek help and obtain sobriety until the age of 46. He explains how he first experimented with prescription drugs as a teenager by mixing pills together that his mother brought home from work to construct his own “cocktail.” He also talks about the first time he was introduced to alcohol at the age of 15 in order to ease anxiety. These experiences, along with many others, he believes can be attributed to having a lack of identity growing up and the substances were the ultimate solution. Rick grew older and had a great deal of success in the banking industry, but further substance abuse sent his life and career into a tailspin. After Rick hit rock bottom, he finally reached out for help and has now been sober for nearly 20 years.

Today, Rick has dedicated his life to service. He believes that God pulled him out of the ditch he was in so that he could help pull someone else out of their own. Rick also talks about the difficulties of admitting to a problem, especially for those who have a lot of people depending on them. His message is that although it may seem like you will be hurting those people by going away for treatment, you will ultimately be doing much more damage to those same people by not.

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