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Let The Journey Begin

Jul 8, 2021

This week, as the first installment of a special two-part episode, Sober Coaching Founder, Aaron Barnes, joins Hilary and Jason. Aaron is a nationally certified recovery coach, sober companion, interventionist, personal trainer, author, and prominent sober influencer. Growing up in a religious household, Aaron didn’t really experience drugs or alcohol until his late teenage years as he was starting college. However, once the college days began, he was off to the races. He joined a fraternity and things progressed quickly from weekend binge drinking sessions to everything in between. The next 20 years of Aaron’s life were filled with a drug-addled whirlwind of parties, using and abusing drugs, selling/trafficking drugs, marriage and divorce, and two rehab stints. For Aaron, the particularly hardest part of his addiction was having a child with three different women, watching each relationship fizzle out fast because of his drug use and lifestyle, but then not being able to be there or have contact with his children because of these same issues. Aaron’s family was deeply concerned about the downward spiral his life had become and finally helped him get the help he needed. Today, almost six years later, Aaron discusses the epiphany he had in treatment and explains why the drugs and alcohol were simply just a means to mask the feelings and doubts he had about himself.


Tune in next week to hear Part 2 of Aaron’s story. The guys discuss the idea of a “cure” in substance abuse treatment, how Aaron turned his life around, dealing with heartbreak in sobriety, the importance of spirituality, and much, much more!


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