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Let The Journey Begin

Jul 15, 2021

This week, Hilary and Jason dive back into Part 2 of Aaron Barnes’ journey. They discuss the idea of a “cure” in sobriety and why this idea is such a taboo topic when it comes to recovery. Along the lines of this, Aaron explains why he believes he was “cured” from the desire to want drugs and alcohol; however, he discusses how he continually works his own form of program to keep these urges away. Aaron also discusses how he thought he had found a way to deal with anything that came his way in sobriety but found out he was completely unprepared for heartbreak. Not knowing what to do to get over this pain, he turned to God (something he had turned his back on 27 years ago) and explains how it completely changed his life. Aaron believed he was mentally strong and believed he was physically strong, but was not nearly strong enough spiritually, something he now believes is one of the most important aspects of his sobriety.


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