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Let The Journey Begin

Oct 7, 2021

This week, Hilary and Alex are joined by William Walker, an individual with such an in-depth and deep story, we didn’t think it could be contained into one episode. In Part 1 of a two-part episode, William shares how his drinking career began and how a traumatic car accident would change his life forever, igniting his addictions full force. He loved the way prescription pills made him feel, but when the scripts ran out, he had to find other means to feel this way, which quickly turned into hard drugs. His addictions soon got the better of him, landing him in all sorts of trouble with the law, which was bookended with him being sentenced to six years in prison and losing his father to cancer while incarcerated. William talks about what he believes was divine intervention to finally make a change in his life and also talks about how the birth of his son made him truly recognize how bad his addiction had gotten. It took William getting to the lowest of lows to begin finally turning his life around and getting to the point of incredible service he partakes in today.


In Part 2 of William Walker, William talks about how he made good use of his time incarcerated and how he is using those skills today to help others struggling with addiction issues. He also talks about the process of reconnecting with his son after prison and how this has been the greatest gift in his recovery. Tune in next week!


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