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Let The Journey Begin

Oct 21, 2021

Catalyst Recovery Chief Marketing Officer, Dr. Corey Jentry, Ph.D. joins Hilary and Alex this week. Corey was introduced to treatment at a young age. What he thought was a cool hangout spot for teenagers and young adults, was actually a place his peers were in trying to get sober. He didn’t think he had a problem and didn’t think he was like the people around him, but a particular incident in this treatment center opened his eyes enough to make him realize he did have a drug and alcohol problem and that he couldn’t stop on his own. Corey eventually lost all prospects because of his usage and went into treatment at the age of 17. Nearly 21 years later in the present day, Corey talks about how he has built such a different life for himself that it is hard imagining wanting to go back to that life. For Corey, it was very hard to admit he had a problem at such a young age and the group discusses why it is such a hard-sell to convince younger generations to quit outright. He also explains how taking things one day at a time was a big key to his success. Rather than setting big, lofty goals from the start, he believes starting out with smaller, manageable goals in sobriety and in life will map out a path for success. Finally, Corey discusses the importance of building a life that is attractive to yourself. Build something that you are excited about every single day when you wake up so that there is no desire for that former life, as this is one of the things that has helped him for over 20 years. Today, as the Chief Marketing Officer for Catalyst Recovery, Corey gets to put his knowledge and experience in the treatment field to great use helping individuals find the right rehab.


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