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Let The Journey Begin

Nov 11, 2021

Sober Fausto is a motivational speaker, recovery coach, author, and founder of the SoCal Hope Dealers movement. Fausto grew up and was surrounded by trauma his whole life. He had an alcoholic father that was never around, he was sexually abused by a peer at a young age, he was molested by an older man in his teenage years, and his mother developed breast cancer. Like every young child, he just wanted to feel loved and accepted and all this trauma left him confused, angry, and full of anxiety. He found drugs and alcohol in the ninth grade as a means to cope, but they quickly took him down a path of destruction causing him to destroy relationships, lose jobs, and eventually have the desire to end his own life. Finally, he experienced a spiritual awakening that completely changed his life and started his journey of self-discovery. He broke everything down to the basics: who am I surrounding myself with, what am I eating, going celibate, simplifying everyday tasks…everything he did was centered around recovering from his life’s trauma. Today, Fausto is four years sober and has dedicated his life to helping others and showing them the love he so desperately wanted growing up. Hilary, Alex, and Fausto talk about the idea of writing down goals and manifesting them into existence. Fausto is one of the most positive individuals you could meet and is a true believer in the idea that he endured what he endured so that he could help others find hope in their own suffering.


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