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Let The Journey Begin

Nov 18, 2021

This week, Alex and producer Ryan are joined by sober mentor and founder of Pro Recovery Power, Alika Gambill. Alika grew up on the Big Island of Hawaii with great parents, a great support system, and stability. However, even with a great "home life,” he was still an introvert and striving for acceptance from his peers. He wanted something to help him get out of his shell and this is when he was quickly introduced to drugs and alcohol. From then on, Alika talks about how he fell into a 20-year cycle of using, destroying everything around him, moving to a new place, and doing it all over again. Drugs and alcohol got him to a point in which he would lie and be deceitful about everything, but that all finally changed when his sister no longer bought into his lies. Today, Alika is nearly four years sober and has found purpose in helping those suffering from addiction. He discusses how there isn’t enough treatment or resources in the state of Hawaii and why it has become his passion to change that. Also, one of the biggest pieces of advice Alika offers is the idea of transferring action. He states that while individuals in the midst of their addictions focus so much time and energy on maintaining their habits, they would be amazed how much their lives can change when they focus that same time and energy on staying sober. Finally, ever since he was a child Alika has wanted to be a husband and a father, and because of his newfound recovery, he has since become both.


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