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Let The Journey Begin

Dec 9, 2021

1,000 Hours Dry host, Kristin Candelore joins Hilary and Jason this week on Let The Journey Begin. Kristin always knew she drank differently than everyone else around her. When it came to getting the party started or doing anything involving drinking, Kristin was the one to call. However, as she grew into her 20’s, Kristin started to become suspicious something was wrong and that she had a problem. This suspicion grew into more concern after a cross-country bachelorette party turned into what she describes as, “one of the first times she had completely lost control.” Things finally came to a head when she became pregnant. For Kristin, postpartum depression is a big part of her story and her sobriety journey. She talks about how she had always struggled with depression leading up to her pregnancy, but things were completely different in the nine months leading up to the birth of her daughter. She describes feeling euphoric and in a constant good mood while pregnant only to have that turned completely on its heels postpartum and her mental health going back to what it was, if not worse. Kristin was using alcohol as a coping mechanism to help with her postpartum depression, in addition to her overall mental health, and after a particular instance in which she could not stay sober for her daughter’s first birthday, she finally knew it was time to make a change. However, even though she wanted to get help, she had no idea where to begin. So, she decided to search #sober on Instagram and a whole world of recovery opened to her. She found all kinds of podcasts, our very own Jason, the Red Songbird Foundation, and an overall community of people with the same mission to help. Kristin, Hilary, and Jason discuss how intimidating the initial steps of recovery can be for someone just starting but emphasize the importance of connection with other individuals in the program and how the process of obtaining sobriety can be very different for everyone. Now, with almost 10 months of sobriety, Kristin talks about how medication, therapy, and the sober community have helped her stay on the right track. In the end, one of Kristin’s toughest moments in dealing with postpartum depression ended up being the catalyst that ultimately helped her make the change she had been wanting for a long time.


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