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Let The Journey Begin

Mar 10, 2022

This week, True Self Recovery’s, Dylan Nation, gives advice and instills some wisdom on Hilary and Alex while Ethan Citron stops by to join the conversation. Dylan grew up with many natural talents and seemed to be great at most things he tried, especially basketball. These successes, however, evolved into his identity, which he describes eventually losing. In the attempt to regain this feeling of self, he turned to drugs and alcohol. This new lifestyle gave him a false sense of identity and an inflated ego that seemed extremely attractive to him at the time but wasn’t actually helping him. Dylan also expresses how he was once afraid of sobriety because of the false idea that getting sober means you are no longer allowing yourself to have fun. Using for him, however, became a chore and obtaining sobriety was the key to achieving a potential he never would have been able to access while active in his addiction. Additionally, Dylan talks about how there is still plenty of work to be done even after one obtains sobriety. He goes on to explain that individuals use and abuse to mask the root problems and while this is the easiest thing for family and friends to initially identify, there are still many things to sort out under the surface. Today, Dylan loves talking all things recovery and cannot imagine a life in which he is not sharing the miracles that come with sobriety.


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