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Let The Journey Begin

May 5, 2022

This week, in Part 1 of a two-part episode, Hilary and Jaana Woodbury are joined by Ocean Recovery CEO, Cade Saurage. Growing up surrounded by drinkers, Cade discovered his liking of alcohol at an early age. Lots of drinking in high school eventually evolved into a liking for cocaine later in his college years. It all seemed like fun at the time in his early 20s, but he found out how difficult things would become after college when he had to “grow up”. Cade thought he could do all the right things for himself and his family while also maintaining a thriving party lifestyle. He found; however, this mixture was a recipe for disaster. Sadly, Cade’s mother passed away from cancer while he was in his mid-20s and it turned his whole life upside down. Tumbling further into drinking and partying, he found himself in and out of jail and suffering significant consequences. He recalls never being able to stay sober for a significant amount of time and tells the story of his father asking him, “if you can’t stay sober for yourself, why can’t you stay sober for your kids?”; a question he didn’t have the answer to. Cade also recalls how rediscovering his faith in treatment and the dedication of one particular woman from Child Protective Services would go on to change his life. Today, as the CEO of Ocean Recovery in Newport Beach, CA, Cade has been able to maintain his sobriety for nearly 15 years by sharing his experiences with those currently suffering from the disease and utilizing all the lessons he has learned along the way.



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