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Let The Journey Begin

May 26, 2022

This week, Alex Meschi and Jaana Woodbury are joined by speaker, entrepreneur, app developer, author, and CEO of Goldratt Research Labs, Dr. Alan Barnard. From an early age, Dr. Barnard was always fascinated by human decision making. He would wonder what would influence individuals to make the decisions they did and why many good people made bad decisions. He has since dedicated his work to the study of behavioral psychology and decision science to hopefully find an answer to these questions. He discusses with Alex and Jaana the idea of positive/negative responses in accordance with life events and explains why reacting rather than responding to a situation may not render the best results. Additionally, he explains how his research in decision making can also be applied to addiction treatment. He asserts that addicts are good people by nature in that they have identified a problem within themselves or something they are suffering from, but their decision making has simply resulted in them choosing a negative coping mechanism to deal with the root complication. Finally, Dr. Barnard talks about how overcomplicating addiction treatment by adding more and more steps in some instances can ultimately increase failure rates and produce negative results.


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