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Let The Journey Begin

Jun 16, 2022

This week, Jason and Alex are joined by local Orange County personality, Chad Towersey. Chad grew up in a very nice Newport Beach household with all sorts of sports aspirations, including baseball, golf, and surfing. Even with things seemingly as good as they could get for a young teenager, Chad describes how his first sip of alcohol, almost as if magic, soothed a deep-rooted feeling of anger inside him that he had always had. He believes he was already suffering from untreated alcoholism from the get-go and things only intensified as he got older and made his way into college. Today, with over two years of sobriety, Chad explains how he was spiritually bankrupt in his time battling addiction and how he feels more genuinely connected to those around him now that he is sober. He talks about how even though relapse is a part of his story, doing the same daily self-care things have proven to be a recipe for success and how striving for progress rather than perfection is key to his recovery. Additionally, Chad mentions that there will always be ups and downs in sobriety but that those are far better than being in and out of sobriety. Finally, Chad stresses that recovery is never something you have to do alone and how simply reaching out for help can change your life for the better.


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