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Let The Journey Begin

Apr 23, 2020

Paula Geis Partin was raised in Central California in a home full of alcoholism and abuse. At 14 years old, she took her first drink which began her drug and alcohol addiction. Although she spent many years in state institutions trying to recover from her troubled childhood, her healing didn't begin until she opened up about surviving the sexual and physical abuse she endured. Paula now sees her dark past as her greatest asset and uses her experiences to help others. She has just celebrated forty years of being clean and sober!

This week, Hilary gives us a little insight into some of the struggles she is currently going through and sits down with Paula to hear her story. Paula explains that for so long she was letting what others had done to her affect her daily life. She finally came to the realization that these feelings were something she could change and control. She discusses how the birth of one of her children provided an epiphany and that even though you can try to parent the heck out of your children, things may still take a dark turn. Paula finally discusses her own style of meditation that has been extremely helpful and how she is currently helping young children who are also immersed in difficult circumstances.


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