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Let The Journey Begin

Apr 16, 2020

This week, we are enlightened by the wise words of Polly Pistole, a sober woman with over 40 years of recovery. She has previously worked in the addiction field for over 15 years and today works with hundreds of women stricken with addictions around the world. Polly is very excited about the Red Songbird Foundation, as she believes that it is a way to save many lives who are traumatized from abuse and addiction.

Polly gives insight into her day-to-day life that has kept her sober for over 40 years. She discusses why the ego involved with the disease of addiction can be a fatal flaw on the road to recovery. Also, Polly profoundly explains why alcoholism has been the greatest gift in her life, rather than a curse. With so many years of knowledge and insight, it’s a “drop the mic” kind of episode!


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