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Let The Journey Begin

Apr 30, 2020

This week we are joined by longtime magazine publisher, Jim Moorhead. After getting sober in 2007, Jim decided to launch Renew Media to support individuals and families in recovery. Jim has always said, "the most attractive alternative to active addiction is recovery. The other options…not so good." Similar to the Red Songbird Foundation, he believes that by providing people with the resources to get help, they too can realize the blessings of a life in recovery.

In this episode, Jim opens up about his childhood and how some of his experiences may have been contributing factors to his later addictions. He recalls how alcohol made him feel invincible at an early age and how it helped ease some of the social pressures that went along with meeting new people in college. Jim also speaks on his once drug addiction and what was originally a social activity, spiraled into something much more damaging. Jim finally tells Jason and Hilary that his success to maintaining sobriety comes from continuously working in a program and staying connected to friends and mentors.


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