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Let The Journey Begin

Jul 2, 2020

This week, Daniel Williams-Goldberg joins Hilary and Jason to break down how his addictions ruined many opportunities and almost ruined his life. Originally wanting to be a musician, Daniel explains how in his early 20's he was in a band that was on its way to a record deal, only to find out years later that his drug and alcohol addictions were what ultimately caused the deal to fall through. He also discusses that during the darkest moments of his addiction he turned to violence, which resulted in the loss of his job and homelessness. Today, after 21.5 years of sobriety, Daniel stresses the importance of exercise and how his morning routine is vital for his recovery. Even more importantly, Daniel also happens to have had a big impact on Jason’s own recovery as Daniel was the particular individual that turned Jason onto the Prayer/Action For The Day, something that Jason does every single morning.


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