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Let The Journey Begin

Jul 16, 2020

James M. joins Hilary and Jason this week to talk about his journey. After experiencing his parents’ divorce at a young age, James tells of how he spent his childhood in Utah with his father, where he came to know prejudice and racism that left a sour taste in his mouth. James realized at an early age that he was gay, but with the prejudice and racism he witnessed in Utah, even from his own family, he knew he would be forced to hide his sexuality from his father. By having to suppress his true feelings, he began using substances as a coping mechanism at eight years old, ultimately leading to his entering of a treatment facility at the age of 19. James also explains how the AIDS epidemic of the late 80’s and 90’s had a big impact on him while he was in treatment, recalling a heartbreaking story in which many of those seeking help alongside him lost their lives due to the deadly virus. James says that he is a totally different person than he was years ago and the key for his own sobriety today has been finding and thinking about ways to help others who battle similar struggles and addictions.


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