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Let The Journey Begin

Jul 30, 2020

This week, Hilary and Jason have the pleasure of speaking with licensed mental health counselor and psychotherapist, Dr. Sarah Williams, to discuss her journey as well as the current state of mental health care. Growing up, Dr. Williams’ father always wanted her to be a doctor, but that path was derailed when her father passed away in the midst of pursuing her degree. Her father’s passing unfortunately put her family in a difficult financial situation, so she knew that if she wanted to become a doctor one day, she would have to go about it a different way. In the midst of all that, she describes how she experienced racism while pursuing higher education in the rural South as well as many naysayers, who she credits as individuals that provided extra motivation. Finally, through her resiliency and what she calls “her own stubbornness,” she was able to make her late father’s wish a reality.

As a licensed mental health professional, Dr. Williams explains how her life and education journey would have been a lot easier if cheap healthcare and mental healthcare would have been available to her. Starting her own practice and working with other organizations came about because certain services were not available during her time of need and she hopes to change that for individuals with similar needs today.

You can find Dr. Williams on her website:


Covenant Way Wellness


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