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Let The Journey Begin

Sep 17, 2020

This week, we go back in time a few months following the 4th of July as Gary Coffman, a man who watched Hilary get sober years ago, joins Let The Journey Begin to talk about his own unique journey. From an early age, Gary always wanted to be an entertainer. Whether it be an actor or a Jerry Lee Lewis impressionist, being in front of others was his calling. That is, until the entertainment lifestyle began to swallow Gary up. With alcoholism running in his family and being introduced to cocaine while performing, a bad cocktail of substances took Gary’s life for a turn. He details his moment of clarity in a fun story in which he ended up naked underneath a fish tank, which turned out to be the first time he realized he needed help. Years later, he reflects on the things he needed to address in order to obtain sobriety. Whether it be untreated trauma or learning how to help others even when you don’t always want to, Gary has a whole new life in which he is at peace. Gary stresses the importance of meditation and prayer in his daily life and explains why even something so small as calling somebody to see how they’re doing is monumental in the path to recovery. 


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