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Let The Journey Begin

Sep 24, 2020

This week, Bryanna Wallace joins Hilary and Jason on Let The Journey Begin. Like many individuals, Bryanna started down her path of addiction at a young age. An unfortunate cocktail of external factors including an emotionally absent parent, a torn ACL from soccer, as well as switching schools in the midst of high school resulted in a party lifestyle for Bryanna. From there, whether it be her use of crystal meth at the age of 17 or her drug of choice in alcohol, things went downhill quickly. Bryanna explains how toxic relationships also had a negative impact on her and was another large factor in her addictions. Her “moment of clarity” came in the form of her parents truly cutting her off and “ending the enabling,” which finally led to her pursuing and obtaining sobriety at the age of 29. Today, Bryanna considers herself lucky to be alive and is always trying to be of service to others who are struggling in a similar manner. She currently works in the recovery/treatment field but explains that this particular profession isn’t necessarily the best way to maintain sobriety for former addicts. Whether it be recovery groups (in person or virtual) or talking to her mentor on the regular, Bryanna believes the most important thing you can do on a daily basis is to be of service in any way that you can.


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