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Let The Journey Begin

Oct 15, 2020

Natalia Taylor is an American model and singer who's made a name for herself on YouTube with over 2 million subscribers. With her fan's captive attention, Natalia spills the tea on current pop culture headlines and hot topics circulating online. With that, Natalia is quickly becoming a global phenomenon. Her recent IKEA video went viral globally and was featured in an interview with People Magazine, CNN, and Cosmopolitan España. In addition to viral videos, Natalia has released several singles including, 'Which Me,' with an accompanying music video, from her upcoming EP.

On this week’s episode of “Let The Journey Begin,” Natalia sits down with Hilary and Jason to talk about her own unique path toward sobriety. Natalia began finding success through YouTube and various other social media platforms in her late teenage years. However, with newfound success came a developing addiction. Success brought new people, and new people brought negative influences into Natalia's life as she moved into her early 20’s. She also details her turning point in a “trip” gone bad, in which she lost her sanity and was frightened that she may never recover. Interestingly enough, Natalia is one of the few guests we’ve had on “Let The Journey Begin” who did not utilize a specific addiction recovery program to obtain sobriety. She simply credits finding God and utilizing the church as what ultimately helped her achieve her clear state of mind. There is a lot of relatability in Natalia’s story for both Hilary and Jason, as faith has inspired her to use her social media influence to be a beacon of positivity.

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