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Let The Journey Begin

Oct 22, 2020

This week, Garvey Daniels is kind enough to join Hilary and Jason to talk about what sobriety means to him today. Garvey began dabbling with alcohol at an early age, but it didn’t fully develop into a habit until college, which he later turned into a career. While working in the wine industry, he started to suspect he had a problem with alcohol and turned to an unlikely source for guidance: his mom. Garvey’s mother had struggled with alcohol addiction when he was younger and because of this, he explains how she completely laid the groundwork and blueprint to achieve his own sobriety.  Garvey stresses how thankful he is today for all the gifts sobriety has given him and how he may have never forgiven himself if he were not fully present during monumental moments throughout his life. Garvey provides a great deal of perspective in this episode and seems truly at peace today.


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