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Let The Journey Begin

Dec 3, 2020

West Christian is an internet entrepreneur who most notably started Food Handler Solutions in 2015 which has since trained or certified more than 500,000 food service workers across the country. He attended the University of Arizona where he studied Business Marketing and discovered his love for music. Before starting his company, West traveled all over Arizona, Nevada and California as a DJ preforming on the same stages as some of the biggest names in electronic music at the time. In 2018 he was awarded the title of Marketer of the year by Marketing University for his business’ rapid growth. West recently welcomed his second son to the world and is passionate about fatherhood and living by example.

West joins Hilary and Jason this week to give an outsider’s look into the world of addiction and how the disease doesn’t only affect the one who is addicted. West discusses how going from a small, tight-knit group of Christian peers to the University of Arizona was a big culture shock for him in his teenage years, which began to take him down a path of negativity that he successfully avoided. West also spends some time talking about how his uncle was directly affected by the disease of addiction and how much of an impact it had on him and the rest of his family. Today, West uses his own personal experiences as well as his uncle’s demise as learning tools for which he can model his life and how he wants to live it. He urges that if you are struggling and need help, there is no shame in seeking assistance and that addiction does not have to be handled alone. Finally, in such a busy and difficult world, West stresses the importance of slowing down and taking a deep breath.

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