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Let The Journey Begin

Dec 17, 2020

Two Bronze Stars with Valor and Purple Heart recipient, Sean Tobias Ambriz, released Ghosts of the Valley: a book of true stories displaying honor and sacrifice of a small group of Military Police who helped shape major combat operations in the mountainous battlefields of Afghanistan. The book also aims to provide resources for soldiers and open them to the vulnerability of PTSD.

Military instructor, Sean Ambriz, joins Hilary and Jason this week to talk about his time in the military and how powerful PTSD can be. Joining the military out of high school, Sean had a much different vision of what his service would entail. But, after two deployments in Afghanistan, he came across a great deal of trauma. However, as terrifying as those life-threatening incidents were for him, Sean explains how he uses those experiences now to make future soldiers’ encounters much more manageable. Today, Sean’s goal is to simply help veterans in any way that he can, whether that be in their own endeavors or managing PTSD that has come about from their service. Because of the way the world is today, he stresses how important human connection is and how much of an impact simply contacting someone can be.

Also…it’s a very special day in that our own Jason Wahler is celebrating one year of sobriety!!!

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