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Let The Journey Begin

Jan 7, 2021

Hilary and Jason ring in the New Year with Jackson Rowden. Many times on Let The Journey Begin, certain traumas or particular situations lead our guests down a path of drugs and alcohol. However, in Jackson’s case, he explains that he just simply liked the feeling that drugs and alcohol provided him. One day he began to realize that “this train wasn’t stopping” and reached out for help knowing that his usage had become a problem. From that moment, Jackson dove head-on into treatment and has celebrated over seven years of sobriety. Addiction is a peculiar disease and Jackson explains how it truly affects each individual person differently. For him, keeping it simple is what works and allows him to stay the course of sobriety. Finally, Jackson believes it is important to be kind to oneself and to give yourself a break, in life or sobriety, especially as stressful as the world is today.


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