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Let The Journey Begin

Jan 21, 2021

On Let The Journey Begin, we like to bring on individuals who have endured all different kinds of trauma, because many times the experiences and symptoms can overlap. Our guest this week, singer/songwriter, blogger, public speaker, and mental health advocate, Cami Julaine, definitely has one of those stories. Cami grew up wanting to be a singer, but abuse at an early age changed the way she lived her life. After multiple occasions of this traumatic abuse, she began to develop OCD, which then turned into severe anorexia, which eventually evolved into bulimia, so bad to the point Cami thought she may die. At age 16, Cami received help from a mentor who had gone through similar struggles and helped put life into perspective. Nearly a decade later, Cami explains what has helped her continue down her recovery path, including a daily routine, productivity, and an accountability mentor. She also mentions how important it was for her to let go of any perceived judgement that may come with taking medication. Although life is much better today than it was years ago, Cami describes how important her getting help was and how her recovery is continually a work in progress.

Instagram: @camijulaine


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