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Let The Journey Begin

Feb 4, 2021

This week, Hilary and Jason are joined by CEO/President of Epic Journey and Owner of Fresh Start of California, Preston Durnford. Preston grew up loving action sports and idolizing such stars as Travis Pastrana and Robbie Maddison, although his older brother was truly his hero. However, being surrounded by the wrong crowd began to take his older brother down a dark road, which Preston of course wanted to be a part of. Preston began to develop a serious heroin addiction but after finally hitting rock bottom, he knew he had to make a change for good. In the midst of his sobriety journey, his father unfortunately took his own life because of his own inner struggles and his older brother, and hero, eventually passed away at the hands of his own addiction. As traumatic as both of these experiences were for Preston, he explains what he had to do to stay sober through all of it. Today, Preston uses his passion and excitement for adrenaline-filled adventure to inspire the lives of those around him. Through all of the trials and trauma he has experienced, Preston has discovered that all things are possible, and it is this mentality that allows him to take such an important role in the life of an addict or any person struggling with deep-rooted hurt.

Instagram: @epicjourneyoc

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