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Let The Journey Begin

Mar 11, 2021

This week, Jason and Alex Meschi (filling in for Hilary) sit down with Amy Field, Clinical Director of Gratitude Lodge, to discuss her own sobriety journey and what it’s like working in the treatment field. Amy grew up in a tumultuous household and began using drugs and alcohol to escape the realities she continually dealt with. As she got older, each substance progressed into something stronger, but she believes her initial usage can be traced all the way back to her smoking cigarettes, something Jason finds very relatable. Her moment of clarity came after she had her son and began to realize she was repeating the same patterns her parents exhibited that led her down a dark road. Coming from a long line of alcoholics, Amy knew this was something she did not want to pass down to her children. As part of her own treatment, she began helping with incoming patients who were also struggling, and after one particular encounter with an individual, she knew treatment was her calling. 35 years later, Amy has not looked back. She talks about the differences in treatment then and now as well as how compassion and understanding are key components for successful treatment.


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