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Let The Journey Begin

Mar 18, 2021

Hilary and Jason are joined this week by Grammy-award winning record producer and songwriter Damon Sharpe. Although Damon does not personally battle with alcoholism or substance abuse, he has experienced his own fair share of hardships and gives us an inside perspective as to what addiction can do to those around the individual struggling. At an early age Damon found success in the entertainment industry only to have it all taken away from him at a moment’s notice. From here, he went through a difficult period of figuring out who he was and what he wanted to pursue. Then, one day a lucky break from his mentor kickstarted his songwriting career and would come to change his life forever. Throughout the episode, Damon talks about guilt that can come from success and how tough addiction in the family can be for all other parties involved. Today, Damon is a true example of what it means to stick to your dreams, and he stresses the importance of ignoring those dark voices that try to tell you that you can’t do something.


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