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Let The Journey Begin

Apr 22, 2021

Educator, support worker, mental health advocate, and founder of Girls Gotta Heal, Carm Pileggi, joins Jason and Alex this week as he fills in for Hilary. Carm experienced trauma at a young age, particularly as a teenager, when her father suffered a heart attack and was confined to a hospital bed for several years. He unfortunately passed away due to complications and, if dealing with that loss wasn't hard enough, both of Carm’s grandparents also passed away within a few weeks of her father. Needless to say, as Carm began to navigate through the ups and downs of high school and college, she found herself seeking support for her mental health. It wasn't until she came across free counseling sessions while attending college that she was diagnosed with PTSD. Fortunately, through many years of therapy and studying psychology, Carm was able to heal from the trauma and suffering she endured as a young girl. Today, she uses her experiences as a guiding light for kids as she helps them find their way through the educational system with the proper support and encouragement they need to thrive. Because so much of her trauma was experienced during her adolescent years, she hopes that she can steer kids in the right direction and help them obtain the resources that she would’ve liked to have while she was growing up.

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