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Let The Journey Begin

Apr 29, 2021

Gratitude Lodge’s Andrew Schaffer joins Hilary and Alex this week to talk about treatment and how he ultimately became sober. Growing up an insecure kid yearning for camaraderie, Andrew thought that using drugs and alcohol would lead to acceptance by his peers. At the age of 13, Andrew's feelings of insecurity were exacerbated when he endured a terrible sexual trauma. At this point in his life, he began looking for a solution to help him cope with his demons. Later down the road, when he took his first real drink, he knew this was the answer he had been looking for all along. Unfortunately, Andrew's alcohol and drug use got out of control and led to hurting close friends, going months without remembering what he had done, and losing everything he had. After he hit "rock bottom," he knew he had to make a change and with the help (or “trickeration”) of his brother, he started treatment and began to put his life back together. Today, Andrew is truly grateful for how sobriety has changed everything for him. People say sobriety can give you the best life imaginable, but he believes sobriety has given him all of that and more. Working in admissions and clinical outreach at Gratitude Lodge, Andrew hopes his story can be relatable to those that have gone through similar experiences and inspire courage in discussing trauma.

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