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Let The Journey Begin

May 13, 2021

This week, Jason and Alex, filling in for Hilary, are joined by Satch Selden, the Director of Business Development & Admissions for Dream Recovery in Costa Mesa, CA. Jason always likes to stress that the disease of addiction does not discriminate and Satch is a true example of this. Satch grew up in a well-off household in which both parents were Ivy League graduates with very respectable careers. Money was never an issue, his home-life was great, but Satch still found his way to opiates at the age of 18. He got his wisdom teeth removed and was prescribed painkillers to help, but what he found though, was that he loved the way these painkillers made him feel. Things quickly escalated into harder drugs, including heroin. Satch explains how he felt so much pressure from an early age due to his parents’ success and hated the idea that he had to have everything in his life mapped out and this is where the drugs came in handy. He no longer cared what people thought and no longer worried about peer recognition while he was high…that was until the drugs stopped working. He finally reached out for help after an attempted suicide overdose, realizing the drugs were doing him in. Today, six years of sobriety later, he explains how his life has done a full 180. Satch discusses how a lot of therapy/self-care work and learning to love himself has been the key to his sobriety. He believes that the more you learn to love yourself, the less you will feel the need to pick up the drink or drug to mask those feelings of inadequacy. Finally, he leaves Jason and Alex with a simple message that was taught to him in sobriety: give yourself a hug.





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