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Let The Journey Begin

May 27, 2021

Paul Alexander is the founder and CEO of Northbound Treatment Services in Southern California. Like many teenagers do, Paul began experimenting with alcohol in his teenage years and he immediately knew that he loved the feeling. A few years later, after getting very interested in existentialism, he began experimenting with harder substances which eventually led him to opiates, specifically heroin. Soon after, Paul found himself addicted to the substance. He was able to keep the balancing act of going to college and maintaining a heroin habit together for a few years, but the drug finally took over. He was bouncing around from city to city, living in one seedy place after another, until he finally realized he needed to get help or he would end up like the other addicts that he surrounded himself with. He had gotten to such a low point in his life that he was willing to do literally anything to not go back to the lifestyle he was living. Today, Paul finds great joy in helping others obtain sobriety and as the founder and CEO of Northbound Treatment Services, he can do just that. In recovery, he now realizes how great life can be and how important it is to be present. As a friend once told him in referencing sobriety, “why just eat the cherry on top, when you can enjoy the whole sundae.”


We also celebrate a very special milestone, in that Hilary is now officially 24 years sober!



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