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Let The Journey Begin

Jun 10, 2021

This week, certified life coach and owner of Unearthed Wellness Center, Patti Gunstream, joins Hilary and Jason to discuss her experience with loss and how she began her current profession. Patti lost her father as a teenager from a traumatic accident, followed shortly afterwards by several other close losses. She explains how, for almost five years after her father’s death, her family did not even speak his name. She believes this was ultimately a coping mechanism for her mother as well as her siblings to stay strong and survive. However, this tactic ended up doing more damage than she realized as she had created unresolved trauma that would come up later down the road in her personal life. Fast forward to marriage counseling with her first husband years later, she talks about how they opened a “whole can of worms” pertaining to her unresolved trauma that she had never dealt with. Patti explains that there is usually a core issue within someone, and many branches then stem from that root resulting in further trauma and/or addictions. Patti describes how she was a “professional victim” while living with her unresolved trauma and that this is the mindset she tries to help her clients get out of. Today, Patti is in a place she could have never imagined herself in and she explains how, if she never would have worked on herself, she would have never been in the position to obtain all the wonderful things life has thrown her way since.



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