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Let The Journey Begin

Jun 17, 2021

Breezy Nowlan, founder and CEO of Taste Recovery, joins Hilary and Alex (filling in for Jason) this week to discuss her journey into sobriety and how she came to create her business. From an early age, Breezy utilized alcohol as a coping mechanism for her stage fright and anxiety, so she thought. However, she eventually discovered that she was really using alcohol as a means to survive. Things began to take a turn when she experienced a blackout in front of her father who then suggested she seek help. Very hesitant at first and in her own stage of denial, she finally admitted herself into treatment as she understood that if she didn’t, this disease may kill her. Breezy has been sober ever since she truly embraced treatment and credits prayer and meditation, among many other things, as the keys to her success.


Breezy founded Taste Recovery out of a negative experience with a treatment facility in the beginning stages of her recovery. Taste Recovery is an app and web based sober living directory and marketplace platform that allows users to search for the best sober living facilities in the country. Breezy believes treatment really does work and for this to be possible she expresses that the "fit" needs to be right for each individual and that every sober living facility needs to display full transparency. With Taste Recovery, users can search out and find exactly what they are looking for.


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