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Let The Journey Begin

Jun 24, 2021

Malek Vossough joins Hilary and Jason this week to talk about how his recovery took him from the streets of skid row in Los Angeles to Santa Monica. Malek grew up with a passion and curiosity for music, but this love was interrupted when he started high school and developed a "social life". Malek wanted to fit in with the "cool" kids and latched onto smoking and drinking to connect with them. He discusses how he was raised by a single mother who couldn’t provide enough discipline to prevent him from deviating from the straight and narrow path. It wasn't until he turned 18, that he discovered he and his mother were homeless and that his father was an addict. He went on to discover how much of his own addictive personality traits were ingrained and passed down from his father and his own struggles. Malek then began to realize that his drug and alcohol use prevented him from being helpful and that he was ultimately just a distraction. After reaching his lowest point, he decided he needed to turn his life around and get sober. Today, Malek finds great joy in helping others obtain sobriety and is able to use his musical talents to help reach those in treatment centers all over the world.



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