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Let The Journey Begin

Jul 22, 2021

Jeremy Arzt is a licensed marriage and family therapist and is currently the Clinical Director at The Edge Treatment Center in Santa Ana, CA. Stemming from his own identity struggles as a teenager, Jeremy became interested in therapy while in college with the desire to help others. While working in the treatment space, it has become Jeremy’s goal to change the narrative surrounding relapse in sobriety. He explains how much shame can be associated when an individual "slips”, causing them to be so disappointed in themselves that they never want to go back to treatment to face their peers. Jeremy believes that by purely looking at and understanding the statistics in addiction recovery, relapse is a potential possibility, and it would be better served for us to adequately prepare individuals with the tools to properly cope with relapse so that they can get back on track if it does happen. Although Jeremy does stress that the ultimate goal is to stay completely abstinent from drugs and alcohol, he hopes that those who do relapse can make it only a few days rather than a few months or years. This can be achieved, he hopes, by helping individuals understand there is no shame and stigma in relapse, and it may just simply be a part of that individual’s sobriety journey to reach the finish line.



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