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Let The Journey Begin

Jul 29, 2021

On a change-of-pace, 70th episode special, Dr. Dmitry Foox PT, DPT joins Alex Meschi and Let The Journey Begin's Executive Producer, Ryan Dennis, to discuss his own sobriety journey and how he is working to incorporate physical therapy within recovery treatment. Dmitry grew up living somewhat of a double life: highly academic and involved in the school system while also dabbling in drugs on the side. The latter portion of this double life led to nothing but trouble from the very get go to the point where the drugs became the focus. Dmitry reached a position in his life in which he no longer wanted the drugs to be the driving force and was tired of constantly being in trouble leading him to finally reach out for help in getting sober. After going through treatment and achieving a good period of recovery time, Dmitry became somewhat lost and started to seek out what would be the next big thing in life for him. A simple Google search would prove to change everything. Dmitry searched “most fulfilling careers” and one of the list results was a physical therapist…and that was it for him.


Today, Dmitry has since obtained his Doctor of Physical Therapy and founded PHYSrecovery, a company that is committed to bringing physical therapists to the addiction recovery community. Dmitry believes that every individual in treatment should have some form of physical therapy available to them. One of the alarming things he has found is that many individuals suffer from some form of injury, but simply do not know how to properly treat it themselves. Because the physical aspect is such a big part of recovery, it is Dmitry’s goal to create a world in which recovery from addiction includes healing of the body.


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