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Let The Journey Begin

Aug 5, 2021

This week, Hilary and Jason are joined by author Lisa Brown Roberts. Lisa grew up most of her adolescent life with many secrets. Her father was an alcoholic who spent some time in a mental institution and she struggled with her own battles of depression. That depression only got worse as she dealt with the financial difficulties of a young marriage along with the "far-fetched" dream of becoming a published author. However, things began to improve when she finally sought out a therapist that could help her navigate through these trying waters. This therapist helped Lisa realize that just because life hadn’t turned out exactly the way she had envisioned it, that didn’t mean it was over and that she was out of time. That’s when Lisa began to dive back into her writings and pursue her goal of becoming a published author...the rest is history. Today, Lisa accomplished her dream of becoming a writer later in life and now has six published books. She explains how she never could have imagined her life being as fulfilling as it is today, and credits reaching out for help as well as therapy as the keys to her success.


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