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Let The Journey Begin

Aug 26, 2021

This week, Jason and Hilary are joined by Oakvine Recovery Center Clinical Director, Pamela Thomas. Pamm is a woman who holds many titles and has achieved many accolades, but it all started at the ripe age of 17 when she joined the military and discovered the drinking culture among soldiers. She explains why it was particularly hard for her to admit she had a problem with alcohol because in military culture, admitting you have a problem is essentially admitting you are weak, which she believes is why so many veterans struggle after transitioning into civilian life. However, her moment of clarity came after she had gotten pregnant and a close friend of hers had the sobering conversation about how Pamm had made her very uncomfortable drinking while in the early stages of pregnancy. Having had a caretaker growing up who also struggled with substance abuse, Pamm knew she had to do something to avoid passing these traits on to her children. She talks about how in order for her to get sober, she made use of counseling in her early days of recovery as treatment programs and recovery groups were not nearly as widely available as they are today. Currently, as the Clinical Director of Oakvine Recovery Center (a title she never could have imagined having), she is fulfilling her childhood dream of helping others. She talks about the difference in “picking oneself up by the bootstraps” and legitimately needing help as sometimes those “boots” don’t have any tread left or are missing shoelaces, metaphorically speaking. She stresses there is no shame in admitting you have a problem and asking for help and hopes to serve as an example that you can overcome your addiction and go on to do great things in recovery.



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