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Let The Journey Begin

Sep 9, 2021

This week, Hilary and Jason are joined by Lisa Holste, Owner and Master Stylist at Posh | The Salon in Denver, Colorado. Lisa never thought she had a drinking problem until the matter was brought up from the outside. Things had become rocky in her and her husband’s marriage and they began to see a couple’s therapist who eventually suggested she stop drinking for 90 days to see if that would make any difference. She unenthusiastically obliged to the request and completed the 90 days, only to find out her chemistry had changed and those fun nights of drinking had turned into dark drunks. This is when she finally began to suspect there really was a problem and addressed the issue at hand. In discussing the beginning stages of her sobriety and what it took for her to remain abstinent, Lisa never formally entered treatment, but greatly utilized meetings and the helping hands of mentors to stay the course in recovery. She also explains how her routine is very important to her these days and looks much different than what her life was 15 years ago. Today, 12.5 years sober, Lisa credits prayer and her higher power for ultimately giving her the strength to recognize her addiction and begin the path to recovery that has completely changed her life.


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