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Let The Journey Begin

Nov 4, 2021

Our very own Director of Development for the Red Songbird Foundation and Founder & CEO of The Maria Group, Vito Maria, joins Hilary and Jason this week. Vito does not personally struggle with drug or alcohol addiction, but he has certainly endured his own fair share of trauma. Vito talks about losing his father suddenly at the age of 17 and how much of a shockwave it sent through his family. Although it is a certain kind of pain no teenager should have to endure, he explains how it ultimately changed the trajectory of his life and made him a stronger individual. Vito also talks about the challenge of having his wife diagnosed with a non-curable blood cancer while trying to raise a family. However, through both of these challenges and the difficulties faced in everyday life, Vito stresses the importance of perspective when looking at one’s own problems. He explains how difficult and even horrible things can happen to each and every one of us, but it is merely the way you respond to these challenges that can make all the difference in the world. The Maria Group’s goal is to help non-profit organizations expand their reach and fulfill their noble work in the world and Vito has worked diligently in assisting the Red Songbird Foundation with that. Vito, again, does not personally struggle with addiction but the nearly 30-year struggle of a close friend has made the world of addiction very real to him. Vito has a strong desire for helping those who want to help and he credits Hilary and Jason’s own passion for why the Red Songbird Foundation’s mission is so important.



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