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Let The Journey Begin

Nov 25, 2021

Sandy Benton, co-host of The Chris and Sandy Show, joins Hilary and Jason on a special Thanksgiving episode of Let The Journey Begin. Sandy experienced a lot of trying times early on in her life. Not only was she bullied as a teenager leading to feelings of low self-esteem and severe anxiety, but she was diagnosed with cancer at the age of 19 and underwent eight months of chemotherapy. Things started to look up for her when she finally met her husband at 25 years old, but unfortunately discovered he had a hidden alcohol addiction shortly into the marriage. Sandy explains what it was like being married to an alcoholic and how helpless it made her feel. However, through all these difficult experiences, she talks about how she never gave up hope and always kept faith in God to turn things around. Eventually, through this faith, she is still in remission and her husband has been able to obtain nearly 14 years of sobriety through his own belief in the church and his own self-discovery.


Additionally, the holidays can be a stressful time for some, especially those struggling with addiction. Hilary and Jason provide a few tips and tricks which have proven helpful to them over the years when faced with challenging or triggering family situations. Also, it wouldn’t be a Thanksgiving episode without Hilary and Jason talking about what they are truly thankful for and what food they are most looking forward to this Turkey Day!


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